General Testimonials for Michèle Lazarus Hypnotherapy

'I saw Michele at a time when I was feeling very stressed and anxious, and was sleeping very badly.
Michèle was really warm and calm in her approach and demeanour, and I felt instantly comfortable and able to be honest and talk at complete ease with her. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive, and has a fantastic ability to discuss issues, gently questioning, and enabling you to see things differently , and arrive at solutions yourself.
She helped me focus on the positive things in situations rather than the negative , and I came away feeling uplifted and stronger. The hypnotherapy side of the sessions was a really lovely opportunity to just really switch off and truly relax, something which I have struggled to do over the years.
The download was a great comfort at night too, and helped me nod off on many an occasion.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Michèle as someone that can really listen, empathise, and help enable you to get back to a more positive calm and stable place when things are difficult.'

“I’ve discovered a definite benefit from Michèle’s approach to solution focused hypnotherapy. The sessions are a boost to a troubled mind and I find them easy and comfortable. All the best Michèle”

'I’ve been an insomniac for most my adult life. Exhaustion drove me to hypnotherapy, yet I had no
idea whether it would work, but felt I had nothing to lose. I quickly found Michele on the internet
and I’m so glad I did. She is a skilled professional who knows her trade. On my first appointment I
listened and watched with fascination as she drew diagrams and explained all about the brain in
her matter of fact way and how one area in particular affects our ability to sleep. At the end of the
session Michele handed me a CD. She conveyed the importance of getting into a nightly routine and cutting back or better still, out alcohol, coffee and other stimulants. That night I fell asleep listening to the sound of her voice gently instructing me to relax and let go.

From that very first session I slept better. I can feel myself dropping into
unconsciousness and then staying asleep for far longer. If I do wake up, I don’t panic like I used to,
knowing that I will drift back to sleep again. Hypnotherapy has been incredibly successful for me.
These days I actually look forward to bedtime. On the occasions I drink or don’t listen to Michele’s
CD I’m back to my usual insomniac self, but armed with her CD and dulcet tones my mind lets go
and she works her magic. Taking action has been the best thing I’ve done and I’m incredibly
grateful to Michele.'

''Relaxing and enjoyable. The session really helped me focus on the positives in my life''

'I came away from each session feeling so much more positive and that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel'

'I had something I was ashamed of living with for years. I knew I needed to address it to move on but couldn't bear to voice it. I felt safe with Michèle and told her my secret. As I relaxed in trance I felt something bubble up in my chest. I felt very emotional, then it went. I am no longer dragged back to what happened and feel free to let it go'

Four Skype sessions with Michèle helped cure my fear of heights. I now feel in control of something that up till now was holding me back. I can thoroughly recommend Michèle's professionalism, empathy and effectiveness. I'm now looking forward to climbing the Skye Cuillin this year!'

“Michèle's wonderfully relaxing voice on her CD has made a huge difference. Playing it each night at bedtime has been so effective I've never managed to hear the end of it! Thank you Michèle”

“A profound yet gentle route to positive thinking and self confidence”

'After our work on my fear of needles and doctors, something in my head has clicked concerning my attitudes'

'Hypnotherapy with Michèle is a real investment in your self and the tools that she gives you keep on giving for weeks and even months afterwards. It changes the way you approach stressful situations and enables you to be better emotionally equipped in so many ways. thank you Michèle.'

'Thanks again for a great relaxing session. As ever I remembered countless positive things that I forgot to tell you. I am really feeling the benefit of positive thought, because before I started to see you, I felt I was drowning in a sea of negativity.'

'Michèle, I just wanted to thank you. I'm convinced that the hypnosis enabled me to see that the relationship I was in was not serving me. Being able to move on is a wonderful thing and I'm finding your CD helps with the pain of negative thoughts, turning that around so that I can be in the day and enjoy my life as it is today - many thanks.'