Weight Management

Weight management is an issue for many of us with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the temptations of ready meals, fast food and appealing snacks. We can find ourselves putting on the pounds and getting into cycles of dieting and regaining the weight we lost.

We know that the way to maintain a healthy weight is a simple balance between the energy we put in and the energy we give out, essentially how much we eat and how much we exercise.

However, we also know that eating is by no means a simple issue. We eat for so many different reasons, not just because we're hungry. Perhaps we're bored, lonely, stressed or tired. Perhaps it just tastes great, we're being sociable with friends and we enjoy it.

If you want to get more control of your weight (whether you're overweight, underweight or just want to change your relationship with food), hypnotherapy can help to keep you focused and motivated.

For hypnotherapy to be effective it depends on you really wanting to make changes. If you do, I will help you to set goals and keep on track with them. It might be about changing your eating or lifestyle habits and patterns and/or thinking more widely about other areas of your life.