Fears and Phobias

Many of us suffer from fears or phobias, whether it's a fear of heights, flying, spiders, needles, driving on the motorway or a host of other issues

When we're afraid, we will often go to great lengths to ensure we're not exposed to our fear, leading us to avoiding situations and being unwilling to participate in activities we might otherwise want to engage in.

Exposure to the ‘phobic stimulus’ usually provokes an immediate ‘anxiety response’, which may take the form of physical symptoms (like shaking, sweaty palms, and increased heartbeat) and irrational thoughts - in extreme cases, thinking we are going to die. Sometimes this can induce a ‘panic attack’.

Hypnotherapy can help to lower our anxiety and often we find that this helps with our fears. We also use specific techniques to help you to react to the particular object or situation you once feared in a calmer manner when encountering it in the future.

Phobias are displaced fears and because they are not rational, they can be dealt with easily, and usually in a short number of sessions.

'Hi Michele, just wanted to let you know that today I was up a ladder clearing out the gutters at the front of the house something I was much too terrified to do before! It was still a bit scary but would not have been possible without hypnotherapy. Thanks again - not only does it protect the fabric of the house, it removes the embarrassment of passers by laughing at the grass growing out of the gutters!'

'Hi Michele, just to let you know there was a huge difference in how I felt on the plane. I didn't have to hold anyone's hand on take off, landing, or thro turbulence. In fact, so good that we have booked the same hotel for next May. Many thanks for your help.'

'Michele is so helpful in explaining the process of hypnosis, and her approach is so calming. Having had a fear of public speaking for many years, and avoiding it whenever possible, I now feel confident about talking to an audience and can concentrate on what I'm saying, rather than where to find the nearest exit! Thank you for your wonderful hypnotherapy sessions'