Ali's Story - a testimonial for Michèle Lazarus Hypnotherapy

When I first met Michèle I was in a very low mood. Different events in a short period of time had left me depressed and sleep deprived with complete exhaustion.

My GP had started me on anti depressants but I wanted immediate results. I hated being so tired, so lacking in interest and so withdrawn from the life I used to love.

Michèle came across as open approachable and professional with a way of understanding what I was feeling. I gained so much strength from her inspirational character. She made me focus on the new things I had achieved each week and to recognise that even though i didn't feel it, I was actually progressing. We negotiated goals that I would aim for in a reasonable time period. Michèle encouraged me to see more of my friends and told me of the importance that friendships and exercise can have on health and well being - although in the early stages, I was reluctant to do either of these things. I wanted to hide myself away.

However, I came away from each session feeling so much more positive and that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel and also that there was hope that one day I might get my old life back. Michèle made me feel safe.

I was given a CD which I was asked to listen to as much as possible. I loved it and little did I know but it was to become my saviour in my nights ahead.

Michèle has a soft very clear, 'no messing' voice. The music is comforting and peaceful and after listening I was left feeling refreshed and soothed.

Another life changing event caused me to temporarily discontinue my sessions with Michèle. This was sadly, the death of my darling Mother. I had to be strong for my family but inside I was hurting so badly.

A month or so later Michèle and I met again. I found great comfort in chatting to somebody outside my family that I could trust, that understood how I was feeling and made me realise it was ok to feel as I did. She was so kind, gentle but had a powerful positive approach.

Unable to sleep at night I used the CD over and over again. It became my friend in the endless hours of sadness.

As the sessions continued I found myself easily going into trance and immediately knew that a change was taking place . I loved the deep relaxation, I didn't want to come back to reality. I so was comfortable curled up on the couch in my own little world. I tried to listen to what Michèle was saying. Some things I remember and some things I don't. I'd like to remember more but it's beyond my control. My subconscious hears it and that's what matters.

Michèle is my saviour. I feel that she rescued me from a deep depression that had zapped my effervescent personality and left me flat and emotionally withdrawn .

She tells me that I did all the hard work but she gave me the signposts, the confidence and coping tools to help me through the feelings of utter hopelessness.

She 'grounds' me. A true inspiration.