Relieving Anxiety, Stress and Panic

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or panic attacks, be assured that you are not alone, although often that's exactly how we feel. In fact, stress affects 1 in 5 people in the workplace.

Many of my clients come to me because of their feelings of stress and anxiety. These can manifest in numerous distressing and uncomfortable symptoms that can interfere with our getting on with, and enjoying life, whether it be over-eating, drinking or smoking, experiencing panic attacks, developing fears and phobias, physical symptoms as below, or lack of confidence, to name a few.

Anxiety and stress can be precipitated by sudden difficult circumstances and/or build up gradually over time.

In the initial consultation I explain how when we are stressed and anxious, the unconscious part of our brain thinks we are in danger and steps in to help. This part of our brain is very powerful and is concerned with ensuring our survival. We can think of it as an internal alarm system known as the 'flight, fight or freeze' response, which stems from ancient cave-wo/men days, when we needed protection from the dangers of the wild.

We obviously don't need protection in the same way as our ancestors today, but when stress builds up, our alarm system can over-react, kicking in in everyday situations, rather than when we're in immediate danger.

Hypnotherapy can help relieve stress and anxiety, by firstly explaining the mechanism that creates it, helping you to focus on achievable goals to make life more enjoyable, and using trance so you can relax and focus on creative ways to change unwanted habits and reactions.


"I met Michele when I was going through a period of high stress and needed a way of not only coping with it but also finding a way to turn that stress into something positive. Michele was incredibly supportive and helped me to not only get some balance in my life but feel that I was in control. She helped me to look at things differently along with helping me to set achievable and practical goals. The process was, without over stating it, life changing. She is the voice of calm when you really really need that voice. The hypnotherapy aspect helped me to sleep better as I learnt to relax and, as I became used to it, it became really easy. If you want to do something positive for yourself I can't recommend her highly enough."

Selina Vesey-Hague